Prediction with Artificial Intelligence

With traditional analitical methods it is practically impossible to give an accurate prediction of Cryptocurrency prices.
For this reason we created an Artificial Intelligence that enables us to give accurate predictions by being able to find the connection between external variables and the movement of Cryptocurrency prices.

Caution: The predicted prices are only approximations, we don't take responsibility for the outcomes of your choices based on them!

How it works

Artificial Intelligence counts in mutliple factors for predicting the future prices of cryptcurrencies. Our prediction engine factors in historical price data and other external information including news and social media to give you the most accurate prediction.


Using our prototype for each day of 2018 february at 0:00 AM we carried out a prediction for the price of Bitcoin for the following 96 hours (4 days), then we compared the results with real market data. The results of the comparison can be seen below.
The blue curve represents the real market values and the red curve represents the predicted values.

Name Price Prediction
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